Who are the “Neon Queens?”


"Neon Queens" the book tells the story of Las Vegas Showgirls in their own words from 1948 through Millennium.  Many of these fem-fatales have become highly successful entertainment professionals. Neon Queens is available at www.ebookmall.com 

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50 Years of fabulous Feathered Fem-Fatales!


NEON QUEENS  An eye opening account of the Las Vegas Strip seen through the eyes of those “fabulous feathered femmes,” its SHOWGIRLS! - Humorous  & touching – from 1948, when it was an adult play-land and the "boys" ran the town, to the 21st century & its corporate driven theme parks. The true stories and pictures come from the girls who climbed the stairs in feathers and rhinestones.


Excerpt from “Neon Queens”.

One late night at the top of the Landmark, about five of the girls were giggling the night away, as they often did. “We were wearing those back-less jumpsuits that were so popular at the time,” says survivor queen Pat Gill. A woman sitting nearby showed her disapproval by insulting the girls' dress and makeup. Finally, the woman threw out the insult that broke the showgirl's back, when she pointed at Pat and said, “Oh, that one must be from Kansas.” (Pat is from South Africa.) Without missing a giggle, Pat turned to the woman, pulled her back-less top to the front and exposed one breast to the heckler, saying, “Does this look like Kansas to you?” The lounge exploded in laughter and applause. For weeks afterward, friends would greet Pat with, “Hey Pat. Where's Kansas?” or “Show me Kansas.”



Joe Delaney – Las Vegas Sun “Recommended! It is a wonderful nostalgia trip… For those who love our city, this book is a necessary complement to all of the books about Las Vegas that have preceded it… Baker, a part of it, writes eloquently and with compassion… The interviews contain the actual words of the neon queens.”


Judy Justice -creative pursuits -

Highly recommended. This multi-talented author has since been involved in many creative fields. A playwright, songwriter/singer, author and poet, Baker is also a TV scriptwriter and line producer. From her own unique perspective and her interviews with many of the most famous Showgirls of the twentieth century, Baker has put together a most entertaining and informative account of the history and the inner workings of the world of the Las Vegas entertainment industry.

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